Mouth Waters Conference Room

Daily Rate: $250.00
All Conference Prices are inclusive of gst.

Included in Cost:

Free Wifi, Electronic whiteboard, Data projector screen, Lectern, Filtered water, Paper and pens for each delegate, Mints.

At Additional Cost:

Flip chart $40.00 per booking
Data projector $60.00 per booking
Laptop $60.00 per booking
PC Speakers $20
Microphone & Speaker $30.00

Relax in our Café to stretch your legs during a Conference, or step outside to enjoy the fresh air, water views and sun. Our Conference Room opens up both directly onto the Café deck, and into the Café itself. All catering can be set up in the Café or in your Conference Room for your convenience

Booking and Room Hire Terms and Conditions

Arrival and Departure Times
Clients are asked to advise of arrival and departure times at time of booking. Additional charges may apply if guests have not vacated the premises 30 minutes after departure time.
Tentative Bookings
Mouth Waters will hold tentative bookings for 48 hours. We shall contact you after this time for confirmation.
Cancellation charges will be made on a sliding scale as follows:
Within 10 days of the event 100% of room hire rate
20 days prior to the event will incur 50% of room hire rate
30 days prior to the event will incur 25% of room hire rate
Equipment Requirements
All equipment, chair and table requirements are to be advised 48 hours prior to the event please.
Signage and Displays
Signage and displays in the public area are to be kept to a minimum and must be approved by the Technology Park Centre Management.
General cleaning is included in the cost of hiring the room. Additional cleaning charges will apply in instances where extraordinary cleaning is required.
Any damage to conference centre property over and above normal wear and tear is the responsibility of the Conference Organiser and will be charged in full. This includes, but is now limited to any damage to equipment, fittings, and paint or wall finishes arising from the placement of displays, signs, banners or posters.
Nothing is to be nailed, screwed, stapled or attached to any wall, door or other surface or part of the building. Candles are not permitted.
Emergency Procedures
Emergency evacuation procedure details are located in your room and in the foyer. The muster point is located on the lawn area opposite the main reception.
Our terms are 30 days thank you.
All deliveries to Technopark are to be advised to Mouth Waters in advance and are to be marked clearly with the date and name of the Conference on them. Return of your goods at the conclusion of the event is the organisers responsibility.
Music and excessive noise
As The Tasmanian Technopark is used by other tenants, use of musical instruments or any equipment that produces excessive noise must be approved by Mouth Waters and The Tasmanian Technopark Management as restrictions may apply.
If Mouth Waters has reason to believe an event will affect the smooth running of The Tasmanian Technoparks’ business, security or reputation, we reserve the right to cancel the function or act to minimise any disruption.
Laws and regulations
At no time will the client commit any act or permit it’s employees, agents or invitees to commit any act that is illegal, noisy, offensive, potentially disruptive to other clients or in breach of any statutes, bylaws, orders or regulation, or other provisions having the force of law, including but not limited to fire regulations.
Mouth Waters and The Tasmanian Technopark take no responsibility for damage or loss of client property before, during or after an event. Organisers should arrange their own insurance for valuable items please.

Terms and conditions pdf

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